Nova Verta USA offers a distributor program unlike any of its competitors.

With support on a personal level, Nova Verta assists distributors with all sales aspects including CAD drawings for permits, training in product differences, and on-site assembly training.

Nova Verta works directly with distributors' customer’s architects to insure proper placement, and code compliancy. Necessary files are transferred electronically to eliminate delays and costly overnight charges. Nova Verta also gives live technical support, eliminating the need to fumble through an automated phone system just to be passed over to voicemail.

The Total Control System and previous Millennium System have simplified spray booth technical problems, making most issues able to be handled within minutes by phone with our our technical support staff. While other companies are sacrificing quality to keep volume sales, Nova Verta continues to improve the quality of product to maintain consistent sales.

Nova Verta continues to assist in making installation faster and more profitable by pre-wiring all electrical, pre-assembling make up air units, and including a pre-plumbed air solenoid, duct work, and assembly package.

Nova Verta is continuing to build distribution and welcomes inquiry. Please fill out a distributor contact form or call us at: 1-800-668-2921 so that we may contact you for further information.