Five Distinct Operating Modes Trim Energy Costs

Nova Verta USA offers a wide variety of automotive paint booths, truck paint booths, and industrial paint booth applications. With five distinct operating modes and indirect heating systems, no other manufacturer’s system offers the start-to-finish spray paint booth operating efficiencies available from Nova Verta. How much can you expect to save over the life of your booth? Contact us today and we’ll do a custom analysis.

Five Easy Steps to Big Savings:

Only Nova Verta's paint spray booths feature five-modes of operation. Because of this unique process, over the complete painting cycle, no other competitive system achieves the cost-efficiencies available from a Nova Verta spraybooths solution. Don’t be fooled by single-mode process comparisons, evaluate paint spray booths on the complete start-to-finish process:

Prep Cycle – Nova Verta’s first operating mode, the Prep Cycle, optimizes booth conditions while loading, final masking and tack off is performed. Using variable frequency drives and a make-up unit with a stainless steel heat exchanger, the Nova Verta system warms air and safely re-circulates it through the spray booth – without exposing operators to the dangers of carbon monoxide. No other paint spray booth system provides a Prep Cycle that creates OSHA-mandated working conditions, heats the air, maintains air pressure, brings metal to the desired spray temperature, and generates monthly utility savings of 35% or more when compared to competitive systems in its class.

Spray Cycle – Once prep work is completed, a single press of the Operator Touch Screen shifts the Nova Verta spray booth operation to the Spray Cycle. At this stage, 100 % outside freshly heated air is provided into the spray booth and a constant, ideal booth pressure of .015 W/C is automatically maintained at a minimum. The exhaust system is dry filtered using a reverse incline direct driven fan using a variable frequency drive for motor speed control, eliminating the need for inefficient pressure control dampers, or operator intervention.

Flash Cure Cycle – Flash Cure is utilized for the flashing of waterborne or solvent based materials.  This mode allows for increasing temperature and recirculating the air during the flash times between coats of materials not only speeding up the flash times but also conserving energy as only 10% outside air is heated in this mode of operation and exhaust fan is shut down to 10% to maintain booth pressure of .015 W/C.  This mode also significantly decreases humidity levels. 

Flash Cycle – Flash is utilized the same as Flash Cure other than it does not recirculate, utilizing 100% outside air and does not conserve energy or lower humidity as much as the Flash Cure Cycle.

Cure Cycle – After the painting process is complete, another press of the Operator Touch Screen puts the booth in Cure Cycle. The Cure Cycle, like the Prep Cycle, effectively re-circulates air 90%, minimizing electrical and fuel consumption. Compared to other paint spray booth systems in its class, Nova Verta spraybooths provide higher-velocity airflow, shortening cure times on conventional and waterborne paints.