Efficient spray booths responsible for an increase of productivity for body shops

In recent years, it has become essential for body shops to increase productivity, in order to organize the processes like an industry and point not only the quality but also the quantity. Nova Verta, with its wide range of next generation spray booths, promises significant savings in terms of time, energy and money.

The cycle of spraying/baking is a phase that, if realized in a short time but with the same accuracy and quality, allows a greater turnover in the body shop, with a consequent increase in the margins. Faster times and significant energy savings are thus the key factors that should push every body mechanic to choose a Nova Verta spray booth.

But what are the characteristics of these spray booths that ensure reduced energy consumption, processing speed and optimal performance?

Preparation Areas: to prepare the surfaces for painting in the most proper way respecting the environment. Here the dusts are aspirated and collected through special filters, in this way, they are not deposited on the surfaces to be treated and not dispersed in the environment.

Inverter on each engine: fundamental to reduce the airflow in all those phases that can be performed without compromising the quality of the painting, involving a saving in terms of both fuel and electricity.

Direct flame burner: a premixed combustion technology allows to create a perfect mixture of air and gas before the inlet inside the burner. The result is an optimization of the modulation of the flame, a reduction in fuel consumption and CO and NO emissions.

Wind System: a particular equipment that improves flash and cure times by evenly increasing air velocity within the paint booth providing an extra boost to air movement that’s particularly useful when using waterborne coatings.It can be used with any material processed without producing high energy consumption.

Led Illumination: a led system, in addition to high energy efficiency and reduced consumption, ensures a more comfortable environment for the operator, thanks to an extremely natural brightness comparable to that of sunlight.

Paint Rooms: areas for the preparation and mixing of the paints and the subsequent storage of the same. They are built on a metal basement to contain the accidental drop of paint.

Touch screen: a system for electronic and automated management of the all functions of the spray booth. The settings can be changed during construction and parameters of each phase stored in its memory, so you can reuse them for the same or a similar job.

The Nova Verta spray booth are therefore a vital tool for the work of a body shop. They are made with an obsessive attention to detail, both structural and technological, which guarantees high performance and a significant reduction in consumption of time, energy and money, essential to survive in such a competitive industry such as automotive.