Product Details

Standard-Option Cabin Dimensions

20 to 200'

12 to 100'

12 to 80'

*All designs, specifications and components are subject to change upon factory discretion at anytime without notice. Models represented are for informational purposes only and do not represent suitability for all applications.

- Allen-Bradley, Rockwell Automation, or Siemens
- Touch pad or touch screen operation

Light Fixtures
- 4 or 6 tubes
- Class 1 Division 2 inside access

Air Make-Up System
Direct or indirect fired

Air Flow
Pit downdraft, side downdraft, semi-downdraft, or single-sided downdraft

Doors & Windows
- Electric roll doors and bifold
- Drive-through
- Center divide door with dual booth controls
- Side, rear, or front egress service doors

- Viewing windows for side walls
- Post filtration extractor
- Panel configurations for individual paint mix rooms. vestibules, prep stations and cure stations

Code Compliance
Most products are ETL Listed for their intended purpose to meet IFC, IBC, IEC, IMC, NFPA 33, 70, 86, 91, 101, UL508A, ANSI, and OSHA standards

Product Information

Whether you're painting industrial trucks and equipment, boats, rail, or aircraft, the flexibility of Nova Verta's Maxi-Range Truck Spray Paint Booth lets you create a large-scale painting system tailored to your specific needs. From solutions that provide short-term payback, long-term operational cost savings, or systems in between, the quality craftsmanship of Nova Verta's modular components are designed for year-in, year-out performance.


Quality begins with the Nova Verta industrial booth assembly panels. These three-layered panels provide a pre-coated, white, galvanized interior; two-inch slip in panel insulation; and a blue, galvanized steel exterior. On site, these precision-designed panels attach to horizontal and vertical tubular steel framing using nut and bolt assembly. The end result is the most rigid paint booth design in the industry. This panel design maximizes energy efficiency and shop comfort while eliminating dirt-collecting edges that can lead to corrosion. Plus, all models meet or exceed the most stringent code requirements from OSHA, NFC, IFC, NFPA, CEC, NEC, BOCA and local air quality controllers.


The ability to select door placements adds more versatility. Simplify work flow with drive through doors. Split the cabin in half with an electric roll door and add an additional control system that can, with the touch to either controller, operate the booth as a single booth with the door open, or individually with the center door closed. Add side, rear or front egress service doors and
side wall viewing windows for operator convenience. Nova Verta’s craftsmanship also includes door sealing material to create a tight, energy-efficient paint environment.


Nova Verta gives you the freedom to optimize lighting and eliminate shadowing based on how you work. Choose from multi-voltage, energy efficient ballasts with four or six light tubes. Then, place them horizontally on wall panels and/or at hip angles. All fixtures are Class 1 Division 2 with inside access and wiring harnesses and use T-8 tubes with a 98 color rendering index for maximum visibility and color matching.

Air flow

The wide spread use of waterborne paints makes booth airflow more critical than ever– and no one gives you options comparable to the performance of Nova Verta’s solutions. Nova Verta’s modular make up air systems use variable frequency drives (VFDs) to properly balance downdraft, side downdraft, single side downdraft, or semidowndraft air flow units, while controlling air speeds, maintaining optimum paintbooth cabin pressure, minimizing air turbulence, and promoting cleaner paintwork, which can reduce cutting and polishing. Nova’s air flow systems work in unison with indirect or direct fired burners.


Indirect-fired solutions provide three distinct operating cycles: prep, paint, and cure. This option safely re-circulates 90% of the booth’s warm air during the prep and cure cycles– without exposing operators to the dangers of carbon monoxide. Using an indirect fired burner allows recirculation in the prep cycle and is proven to reduce fuel usage by 90% and trim electricity demand by 50%. Indirect-fired solutions also have lower humidity output which promotes quicker drying of waterborne paints.


When short-term payback is the goal, Nova Verta’s direct-fired solutions feature an optional energy savings mode that reduces air flow when spraying is not being performed. It also recirculates 90% of the booth's air when in the cure mode, minimizing heating needs. Controller Depending on the burner selection, Nova Verta uses a programmable logic controller with a touch pad, monochrome touch screen, or a full color touch screen to make operating the booth’s features virtually intuitive. All systems also incorporate automated booth pressure control through the VFD, and provide self diagnostics to minimize down time and assist with live technical support.


Factory pre-wiring gets you up and painting faster. The control panel features pre-designed, color-coded and labeled wiring in Seal Tite conduit to all components. Combined with easy-to-read installation manuals, Nova Verta’s systems minimize the need for electrical contractors and reduce set-up time and expense.

Built-to-Last Performance

Engineered for economical, lasting performance, Nova Verta systems cost less to install, slash operating expenses such as fuel and electrical bills, and feature maximum airflow to support water or solvent paint spray conditions. At Nova Verta, our priority is providing you with a paint booth system that provides optimum conditions for prep work, spraying, and curing – and contributes to a premium paint finish for projects of all sizes.

Consulting available contact our 800 number for assistance with your project or simply e-mail your CAD drawings for review.