Velocity Cure Systems

Paint more cars in less time with Velocity Cure. In-field test proves this downdraft paint booth system provides increased airflow that cuts flashing time in half, raises paint surface temperature for baking several minutes faster, and slashes cure times by half or more. Since Velocity cure operates without adjustable blow nozzles or additional fans, this paint system minimizes air turbulence, helping ensure cleaner paintwork and trimming the need for cutting and polishing. During the Bake Cycle, Velocity Cure doesn't just raise the booth temperature, it channels the heat where it's needed: onto the paint surface. Even waterborne paints cure faster with Velocity Cure because the booth's indirect heat effectively extracts humidity from the air.

Complete Efficiency
Velocity Cure is engineered for efficiency. Variable frequency drives on the air intake and exhaust fans optimize energy savings and enhance production throughput. Additionally, Velocity Cure uses three distinct operating modes to maximize the energy efficiency of the complete painting process.

Prep Cycle 
Nova Verta's first operating mode, the Prep Cycle, optimizes booth conditions while final masking and tack off is performed. Using a variable frequency drive and make-up unit with a stainless steel heat exchanger, the Nova Verta system warms air and safely re-circulates it through the booth without exposing operators to the dangers of carbon monoxide.

No other paint system provides a Prep Cycle that creates OSHA-mandated working conditions, heats the air, maintains air pressure, brings metal to the desired spray temperature, and generates monthly utility savings of 35% or more when compared to competitive systems in its class.

Spray Cycle
Once prep work is completed a single press of the Touch Screen Controller shifts the Nova Verta booth operation to the Spray Cycle. At this stage a steady stream of freshly heated air is provided into the booth and a constant, ideal booth pressure is automatically maintained at a minimum without the use of a damper or operator intervention. Using the Allen Bradley Touch Screen, Velocity Cure delivers unprecedented control. A touch of a button is all it takes to adjust air movement, change temperature, or alter the flash off time between coats. With the ability to increase airflow, Velocity Cure reduces time between coats by 5 to 10 minutes allowing more productive paint time through the day.

Cure Cycle 
After the painting process is complete, another press of the Touch Screen Controller puts the booth in Cure/Bake Cycle. The Bake Cycle, like the Prep Cycle, effectively re-circulates air, minimizing electricity usage and fuel consumption. Once the set temperature is reached, Velocity Cure ramps up the air velocity maintaining temperature to expedite cure times on conventional and waterborne paints.

Total Quality 
In addition to three distinct operating modes, tailored to reduce overall energy costs, Velocity Cure features the hallmarks of Nova Verta craftsmanship.

Booth Construction 
With vinyl-coated, galvanized, dual panel construction, two inches of insulation, tubular steel center, door hardware, sealing material, and nut and bolt assembly, Nova Verta paint booths are built to last.

Step inside a Nova Verta paint booth and see the difference. Class 1, Division 2 light fixtures and color corrective tubes. Strategically placed throughout the interior of the booth, these fixtures are uniquely designed to eliminate shadowing and any interference with light output.

Factory pre-wiring expedites the installation of Nova's paint systems. Color-coded and labeled wiring in Seal Tite conduit, and easy-to-read installation manuals minimize the need for electrical contractors and reduce se0up time and expense. Finger-safe control panel wiring ensures operator safety.

The Allen-Bradley Touch Screen makes Velocity Cure incredibly easy to use. Instantly change parameters like temperature values and cure times with just a touch. Self diagnostic screens indicate corrective measures to keep the booth operating for peak production. With built-in tracking and screen readouts for booth hours, cycle hours, and maintenance by type and date, Velocity Cure displays performance data to help optimize booth operation and minimize operating expenses. With the Touch Screen, Velocity Cure puts total control at your fingertips.