Vortex Systems

Nova Verta USA has developed a low cost energy savings device to be installed on any paint booth that not only shortens drying or curing times but also enhances the flash off capability of waterborne and solvent paints between coats or before clear coat application.  The Vortex System can be easily installed to any type of spray booth or size in a matter of hours.  The Vortex System typically reduces flash times by 50% or more and shortens curing times by 30-50% thus saving large amounts of fuel and electricity.  This system has been installed on over 100 automotive and industrial spray booths in the last year with excellent customer satisfaction.  Lower your carbon footprint today and contact us for an evaluation. 

600 Feet Per Minute
The heart of the Vortex System by Nova Verta is two uniquely designed, adjustable, ring-shaped nozzles. These nozzles release a miniscule amount of compressed air – yet achieve air flow of 600+ feet per minute with just 40 PSI and 12 CFM. The near-sonic velocity "tube" of air released through the front of the nozzle creates a strong vacuum behind itself, pulling already heated and filtered booth air through the rear vortex, while pushing the ambient air in front.

Timely Coverage
When aimed at the front or rear corner of a vehicle, just two nozzles cover the back or front and the entire side of the vehicle. Specially designed mounting hardware provides you with unlimited aiming capabilities and the versatility to mount the system to the floor, or side or rear booth walls. Even if you elect to add additional nozzles, the entire system typically installs in less than a day. It's ideal for any brand of booth that lacks sufficient air flow, or for slashing the time needed for flashing of waterborne paints.

Safe & Easy
The Vortex System is extremely safe because it operates without the need for electricity inside the booth and it has no moving parts. Operators will also appreciate that there are no filters or maintenance required, and unlike fan-operated systems, the Vortex System is extremely quiet. Don't sit around waiting for paint to dry.

System Components
2 Nova Verta Nozzles (additional available)
2 Fully adjustable arms on 4' of Nova Verta aluminum track with Teflon sides (floor or wall mounting)
2 On/Off in line valves, bulk head fittings and 90 degree elbow
2 Black poly coil hose
1 Air regulator
1 CFM monitoring gauge
1 Adjustable on/off timer
1 Air solenoid for timer
Air piping not included