Wind Retro System

Improve Production



Increase efficiencies, and improve your bottom line with the Wind Retro System from Nova Verta. The Wind Retro System improves flash and cure times by increasing air velocity within the paint booth from cross direction of downdraft air movement, providing the necessary slight turbulence that's imperative when using waterborne coatings. The speed of airflow is controlled by variable frequency drive (VFD) that not only provides a soft economical start but also allows for fully adjustable airspeed as desired in flash and cure modes to maximize for the type of booth and paint type being utilized. This also minimizes contamination associated with auxiliary air movement systems and can maximize your use in curing mode saving energy and decreasing production times.

Up to 9 times more air movement!


Exclusive to Nova Verta is the ability to locate extremely well filtered incoming air from almost anywhere in the booth (custom designed intake ducts per location and model of booth as desired) The conditioned air already filtered into the booth is again filtered from specially designed intake grid mounted in a single side or end wall as preferences dictate. The air is then channeled to our exclusively designed Shop fan where air is then amplified and transferred to the horizontal custom ducts mounted on the booth side walls. Air speeds easily exceed over 400 feet per minute.