Wind System Plus Horizontal

Nova Verta has introduced a new version of its popular Wind System for the auxiliary air movement to assist in flashing and curing waterborne and low VOC materials. The new design strategically places 12 nozzles on each side wall running front to back just under the row of lighting in the 27’ foot booth (14 with 31’ model) for a total of 24 (28).

The nozzles can be individually aimed and receive highly pressurized heated air from Nova Verta’s exclusive variable speed fans. The air speed can be adjusted to any speed from user as desired and can exceed over 800 feet per minute (over twice what is normally recommended)! The Control System is incorporated into the Allen Bradley 600 Panel View Touch Screen that allows easy set up and adjustments to settings and is then automatically utilized in the Flash Modes and Cure Modes of operation.

The new Plus design allows for customized preset menus for technician or paint material designated settings with regards to temperature set point, speed of air from booth and or Wind Fans, duration, on/off and even delay with regards to flash and cure mode settings.

This system is a must see and have for delivering the fastest cleanest repairs in the industry. See link for actual flash and cure times recently tested at North Idaho College.