Prep Stations

Complete Efficiency

Like all Nova Verta heated spray booth systems, CTOFs and Limited Finishing Workstations use three distinct operating modes to maximize the energy efficiency of the complete painting process. Nova Verta is one of the first and few that have a listing allowing recirculation of the make up air system during preparation and cure cycles (re-circulation with direct fired heaters is not permitted per ANSI Standards or ETL on open type models). This allows for a substantial amount of fuel and electrical savings, since many of these systems are typically operated in re-circulation 60 to 75% of the time. The only time the system is required to be in full exhaust mode is during paint application. Re-circulation can save thousands of dollars and should carefully be evaluated before purchasing. Another advantage afforded by re-circulation is faster drying times.

Prep Cycle

Nova Verta's first operating mode, the Prep Cycle, optimized booth conditions while final masking and tack off is performed. Using a variable frequency drive and make-up unit with a stainless steel heat exchanger, the Nova Verta system warms air and safely recirculates it through the Prep Station – without exposing operators or other shop employees to the dangers of carbon monoxide. No other prep station or paint booth provides a prep cycle that creates OSHA-mandated working conditions, heats the air, maintains air pressure, brings metal to the desired spray temperature, and generates monthly utility savings of 35% or more when compared to competitive systems in its class.

Spray Cycle

Once prep work is completed, a single touch to the Operator Panel shifts the Nova Verta booth operation to the Spray Cycle. At this stage, a steady stream of freshly heated air is provided into the booth and a constant, ideal booth pressure is automatically maintained at a minimum without the use of a damper or operator intervention.

Cure Cycle

After the painting process is complete, another touch to the Operator Panel puts the booth in Cure/Back Cycle. The Cure Cycle like the prep cycle effectively recirculates air, minimizing electricity usage and fuel consumption. Compared to other systems in its class, Nova Verta prep stations provide higher velocity airflow in the Cure Cycle shortening cure times on conventional and waterborne paints.

Total Quality

In addition to three distinct operating modes, tailored to reduce overall energy costs, Raptor Series features the hallmarks of Nova Verta craftsmanship.

Booth Construction

With vinyl-coated, galvanized, dual panel construction, two inches of insulation, tubular steel center, door hardware, sealing material, and nut and bolt assembly, Nova Verta paint booths are built to last.


Using Class I, Division II inside access fixtures with 4 or 6 tubes each (depending on model) there's a visible difference in the technicians' environment. Optional fixtures can be added if desired. Whatever the booth size, all strategically placed fixtures use a uniquely designed ballast and color corrective tubes to eliminate shadowing and interference with light output.


Factory pre-wiring expedites the installation of Nova's paint booth systems. Color-coded and labeled wiring in Seal Tite conduit, and easy-to-read installation manuals minimize the need for electrical contractors and reduce se0up time and expense. Finger-safe control panel wiring ensures operator safety.


Nova Verta prep stations use Rockwell Automation-Allen Bradley components, including Nema 4-X rated variable frequency drives (VFDs) and Class I, Division II touch screens to provide user-friendly long term performance and energy efficiency. Depending on model configuration, automatic or manually controlled VFDs provide optimum airflow for the refinish capabilities. VFD's eliminate the need to adjust outdated and expensive to maintain pressure control dampers as filters gather particulates, continually altering airflow characteristics. This feature also helps to eliminate over pressurization causing unwanted turbulence during spray applications.

The standard 300 Operator panel or optional color Touch Screen makes Nova Verta Prep Stations easy to use. Nova Verta's operational software, which has been refined to perfection through its use on all models since 1998, includes self-diagnostics, alarm history, maintenance reminders, and logging capabilities. This advanced technology eliminates the need to send operators to extensive training programs for operation and preventive maintenance. The self-diagnostic software and non-automated technical phone support, helps an operator resolve any problem in minutes rather than hours or even days.