Shop Design

Nova Verta USA prides itself on being a full-service paint booth company. Part of this service includes custom paint booth shop design to ensure our customers can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our products.

Nova Verta USA offers a CAD (computer aided drafting) department at your disposal. With the latest in drafting capabilities we are able to provide proper technical and planning information required for today’s planning of new or old facilities. Code requirements are getting tougher to comply with. Without proper planning or assistance from knowledgeable paint booth companies your architectural and engineering cost can get extremely costly. Nova Verta USA has the ability to work directly with your architects and engineers electronically, limiting your expense.

Our distributors can assist you with a hand drawing of your layout when CAD is not available. The drawing can then be submitted to us for CAD allowing us to plan for the best location of our equipment for your facility. For additional information and pricing on custom shop design, please call 1-800-668-2921 or contact us here. Below are some examples of shop designs we've completed for our customers. Click on the images to view a larger version.