Prestige Series

Our most popular production series.  The Prestige Series offers our best cabin lighting package. The Prestige 27′ cabin features Industrial LED optional fixture with 100,000 hour rating and dimmable capability offering 40-50% more measured light output within the booth, providing unobstructed and unprecedented illumination.

NEW in 2020 is extended Direct Fire burner options for those who prefer this type of heating over our standard Indirect Burner that only Nova Verta has perfected the use and performance.


The Prestige Series offers our best cabin lighting package. The Prestige cabin features Industrial LED Lighting fixtures with 100,00 hour rating.  Optionally dimmable from touch screen (top banks and bottom banks).

Performance & Operational Savings

The Prestige Series offers the choice of indirect or direct-fired heating with a designed airflow that equals competitive designs that use 30-50% more horse power. The Prestige Series also provides the best laminar airflow in the industry. Touch Screen operator station offers outstanding technology, variable frequency drives, self-diagnostics, and energy savings controls give you the power and information you need to maximize production and minimize operating expenses.

Indirect Fired

Nova Verta’s indirect-fired system controls provide three distinct operating cycles: prep, paint, flash fresh air , flash recirc and cure. The automated pressure control uses a variable frequency drive (VFD) on the exhaust fan. During the prep, flash recirc and cure cycles, this configuration is proven to conserve energy by recirculating 90% of the warmed airflow – saving 35% on utility costs and filtration expenses when compared to typical direct-fired systems and 25% over the newer, economic direct-fired systems using a VFD. Plus, the prep cycle, which is exclusive to Nova Verta, prevents operators from being exposed to the dangers of carbon monoxide. Nova Verta’s indirect-fired solutions also have lower humidity output, which promotes quicker drying of waterborne paints.

The Prestige Series indirect-fired booths use a Color Touch Screen  with Class I Division II remotely mounted operator station mounted in booth wall or other desired locations such as mix room entry.

Optional Auto Prep Mode System (APMS) automatically shifts booth into prep mode after desired timer set point and returns to spray cycle upon spray gun activation.

Direct Fired

The direct-fired system also has automated pressure control. It features 1.1 million BTU with a 100 degree temperature rise in the spray cycle. Optional sizes with 1800 CFM and 1.7 million and 24,000 CFM and 2.4 million BTU.  The Prestige Series direct-fired units recirculate 90% of the booth’s warm air during cure cycle with reduced airflow for energy savings in prep mode (no recirculation in reduced air flow modes with occupancy due to listing requirements).

The direct-fired models use a Allen Bradley 850 touch screen operator station. An optional energy saving system (ESS), with a dual VFD and an automated economy cycle slows air speed when not spraying to conserve fuel and electricity usage.

Booth Construction

With pre-coated, galvanized, dual panel construction, two inches of insulation, tubular steel super structure center, door hardware, sealing material, and nut and bolt assembly, Nova Verta paint booths are built to last.

Factory pre-wiring expedites the installation of Nova Verta paint booth systems. Color-coded and labeled wiring in Seal Tite conduit, and easy-to-read installation manuals minimize the need for electrical contractors and reduce set-up time and expense.

Product Details

24.5’, 27’, 29’, or 31’
Further options available upon request.

13′-4 5/8″ or 14′-8 1/2″
Further options available upon request.

10′-9″ or 11′-8 3/8”
Further options available upon request.

Basement, semi-downdraft and side downdraft
available but also usually add additional height.

*These are nominal dimensions and should not
be used for planning purposes. Please contact
Nova Verta for detailed drawings and specifications
tailored to your installation.


Color Touch Screen with 1400 series PLC.
Rated for class I Division II hazardous locations.

Color Touch Screen with Micro series PLC.
Rated for Class I Division II hazardous locations.

Light Fixtures
Industrial LED Lighting fixtures with 100,000 hour rating.


  • Wind System Plus
  • Auto Prep Mode System (APMS)
  • Light fixture: 6 tubes – Inside access Class 1 Division 2
  • Dry filter raised basement raises booth and equipment 16′
  • Inside ramp
  • External ramp
  • Drive-through door
  • Side exit door (additional or for drive-through)
  • 208,230 or 480 volt motors, 277 volt lighting, and 120-volt controls and burner
  • Electric roll-up door for automotive booth
  • Electric side roll-up door
  • Viewing window side wall
  • Additional sizing and configurations are available upon request
  • Indirect or direct-fired air make up unit
  • (Note: ANSI standards do not permit a recirculating Prep cycle with a direct-fired system)

Code Compliance
Most products are ETL Listed for their intended purpose to meet IFC, IBC,
IEC, IMC, NFPA 33, 70, 86, 91, 101, UL508A, ANSI, and OSHA standards

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8207 E Trent Ave
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